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Chemical Glass Tempering furnace for making screen protector


Optical glass, mobile phone screen glass, the tablet PC screen glass, screen protective glass

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  • 1. ApplicationOptical glass, mobile phone screen glass, the tablet PC screen glass, screen protective glass;
    2. The Size &Capacity can be customized.

    The Main Advantages of this Tempering Furnace:
    1). The temperature curve program can be imported in accordance with the production process temperature and time. Preheating furnace is made up (from inside to outside )of thermal insulation layer, heating chamber and working chamber, very easy to use(Each tempering furnace should be equipped with a pre-heating furnace).

    2). Using the phase shift control heating tube current, make the temperature control precision and hair heat pipe service life is longer than the other.
    3). The tempering furnace is appoint with overtemperature protection controller, which will cut the heating pipe power to protect the furnace when a fault has occurred.

    4). Circulation fan heat the air by constant circulation between the heating chamber and the working chamber to make the hot air evenly heating glass, so that the products meet the requirements of process settings.

    5). Tempering furnace's heat pipes adopt three-phase star connection and the maximum heat power is about 20 kw per boiler.

    Items Specifications
    The thickness of the liner of tempering furnace 6mm(stainless steel 304)
    The thickness of stainless steel plate house 1mm(Stainless steel 202)
    Power Three-phase 380V, 15KW
    Temperature range 50ºC~500ºC
    Furnace temperature deviation ±0.5ºC
    Temperature control type PID automatic temperature control table
    Insulation materials The new lightweight insulation cotton(Aluminum silicate fibers)
    Working Size 850*1000*900mm




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