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YTD Jade Stone Mini Laser Engraving Machine for Different Materials


Small wares, crafts, electronic products, electrical products, mobilephone periphery products, etc.

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    Small wares, crafts, electronic products, electrical products, mobilephone periphery products, etc.
    Applicable cutting material:
    Cloth, tile, ceramic, cardboard, leather, paper, PMMA, arylic, horn, shell, jade, wood, bamboo, fiber, PMMA, ABS board, PVC board, rubber, plastic, synthetic material, etc. 
    (Only for reference, might be changed later due to product improvement) 

    Working area 1200*800mm
    Laser power 150 W/100W/80W
    Laser type CO2
    Spot diameter 0.1mm
    Cooling type water
    Engraving speed 0-500mm/s
    Cutting Thickness 1-10mm depends on material
    Laser output control 0-100% set by software
    Control software DSP Control system
    Compatible software CorelDRAW Autocad Photoshop
    Motor High precision step motor
    Minimum engraving font About 1mm
    Feed method front
    Control system DSP
    Locating precision 0.1mm
    Supporte format DST PLT BMP DXF DWG AI LAS
    Memory 64MB
    Interface USB 2.0
    Working platform Automatic focus lifting platform
    Operating temperature 0-45 degree
    Working humidity 5-95%
    Scanning resolution 100-1000DPI
    Supported system Windows XP Vista 7/8
    Auxiliary device water cooling/blowing/soot emptying system
    Power 220V,50HZ-60HZ
    Packing Polywood case

    Model: ( Customized working area as per your requirements)

    Model No Work area
    YTD-640 600*400mm
    YTD-960 900*600mm
    YTD-1080 1000*800mm
    YTD-1280 1200*800mm
    YTD-1390 1300*900mm
    YTD-1480 1400*800mm
    YTD-1680 1600*800mm
    YTD-1610 1600*1000mm
    YTD-1810 1800*1000mm

    Technical features:
    There is a water pipe behind the machine, which circulates the cooling water, so that the laser pipe won't burst, also equiped with protection system for cooling water, enable machine work continuously with steady. Adopt gold-plated silicon, aspherica focusing lens,  focal spot diameter of aspherica focusing lens is small, enable the same power laser pipe to have the maximum cutting capacity, to achive perfect precise carving and 20mm acrylic cutting.
    1.Mechanical part: 
    a. Linear guide ensure the precision after long-time working, the rigidity property increases anti-shock and wear resistance of the motor system exponentialy, the machine is durable.
    b. All the movement and transmission parts are assemblyed by advanced assembly technology, assure the consistency and accuracy.
    2. Optical system
    1. Adopt imported high intensity gold-plating silicon and aspherica focusing lens, the lens is wear resistance, heat resistance, do need to change often, reduce the cost significantly.
    2. All optical frames are made according to international optical standards, structure is stable, easy to adjust and maitain.
    3. Motor and circuit system
    Use DSP technology professional control system, high cutting speed, smooth and stable opeation, modularization, standardization, unniform design and installation, high resistance to interference, easy to inspect and repair. Conform to CE Certification.
    4. Cooling system
    Adopt forced cooling or refrigeration, strong temperature control and water depletion warning system to ensure machine can work continuously.
    5. Perfect purging system 
    Especially equiped up-draught device due to the smoke produced during the process of fabric processing, improve the working environment.
    6. Advanced kinematic mechanical system
    Balanced transmission design assure steady operation even it is heavy loaded with high speed.


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