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High Frequency Induction Heater Equipment for Metal Products Application:

Tempering for all kinds of metal.
Thermal forming.
Metal Melting, casting forming and evaporation coating.
Welding for metal products, cutter, steel tube and dissimilar metal.
Bottle heat sealing, powder coating and Metal implants plastic, etc.
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    Item Specifications
    Heating Oscillation Frequency 30-100kHz
    Data Flow Control Galvanostatic  Mode /Constant Power Mode
    Cooling Water Pressure >0.12MPa
    Cooling Water Temperature <40 Degrees
    Heating Time 1-99 Seconds
    Soaking Time 1-99 Seconds
    Water Speed >6L/Min
    Power 100KW
    Voltage Three Phase 380V 20-50Hz
    Max Current 105A
    Main Weight 70.6KG Transformer Weight 30.5KG
    Main Volume L820*W400*H880MM Transformer Volume L600*W300*H440MM


    1).Deeply metal heating process.
    2). Steady heating cycle and fast heating speed.
    3). Intelligent heating temperature control.
    4). Real-time display for current and frequency.
    5). Automatic alarm and protection system against power failure.
    6). Available of different capacities of heater.
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