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YTD-6050 Ultra Thin Glass Cutting Machine with High Precision


Cut photoelectric glass, screen protector, mobile phone cover glass, etc.

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  • 1. Features:

    This CNC ultra thin glass cutting machine is suitable for photoelectric glass, screen protector, mobile phone cover glass, etc.

    Applied in the first process of making screen protector, cut big size of glass into small pieces with mobilephone screen size.

    Cut out different shapes at one time. It is of high efficiency, high precision, high yield, easy to operate, no technical requirements for operator.

    2. Parameters:

    Item Specification
    Glass thickness 0.1mm-2mm
    Max glass size 1300*1100mm
    Outline dimension 1500*1200*1200mm
    Table Marble
    Accuracy for straight line ±0.05mm
    Table flatness ±0.015mm
    Cutting speed 0-80m/min
    Power 1kw

    3. Main configuration:
    1)Transmission system: Shaft X,Y,Z are drived by Taiwan Delta servo motor.
    2)Oiling way: Automatic filling
    3)Positioning device: Mechanical positioning
    4)Mechanical configuration:Screw and guide (Taiwan Hiwin)
    5)Table: Precision marble with air flotation device
    6)Pneumatic components: SMC
    7)Computer: LENOVO
    8)Bearing: Japanese NSK.
    4. Two Cutting software for your choice,
    a. Shanghai Weihong
    Professional glass cutting software, it is compatible with CAD software, when start cutting, it can click the thickness of glass directly, and the cutter body can automatically adjust the pressure and the distance to avoid falling the cutter.
    b. Taiwan Shengli:
    1)  The location of origin can be changed freely.
    2)  Optimize graphics and automatic typesetting.
    3)  Origin supplement function.
    4)  Typesetting and control is in the same software, easy to operate.
    5)  Polyzonal cutting can optimize tool path, and high optimized selectivity.
    6)  Partitioned cutting function, can be edited directly without drawing.
    7)  Blowing and sucking can be switched automatically.
    8)  Pause function during cutting process.
    5. Electrical components:
    1) Air switch: Taiwan Taian(with Electric leakage protection)
    2) Ac contactor: Taiwan Taian
    3) Button, Indicator light: Taiwan Shanhe
    4) Switching power supply: Taiwan Meanwell
    5) Relay: Taiwan Teco
    6) Proportional valves: SMC
    7) Filter, Solenoid valve: SMC
    8) Computer:Lenovo

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